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At Zuri Web Works, your premier web agency in Kenya, we blend creativity and technology to craft digital experiences that resonate. Our passion is turning your vision into a compelling online presence.

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& Marketing

Our team at Zuri Web Works is the heart of our creativity and success. Each member has been meticulously trained by a renowned German agency, ensuring a blend of international standards and local expertise. This unique training has equipped us with unparalleled skills, enabling us to deliver high-quality, innovative web solutions. Our dedication to excellence sets us apart in the Kenyan digital landscape.

Our Team

Meet the team at Zuri Web Works: a group of passionate and skilled professionals, trained to international standards, driving innovation in Kenya's digital world.

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Full Stack Developer

Rachael is our full-stack coding and onpage SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert, and the dynamic leader of our development team. Her technical prowess and strategic vision are integral to our success at Zuri Web Works.

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Online Marketing

Jacky is the cornerstone of our online marketing division at Zuri Web Works. A maestro in social media, optimized content strategies, and Google My Business, she excels in crafting content that not only sells but also ranks high on Google, truly embodying the spirit of a selling expert.

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Front End Developer

Asentah, our front-end and design enthusiast at Zuri Web Works, is a rising star in the team. Continuously learning and growing, her skills and fresh perspectives are becoming increasingly vital to our projects and success.

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UX/UI Design, Graphic Design

Ayodi is the creative force behind the UX/UI design at Zuri Web Works. Her talent shines in everything from stunning website layouts to eye-catching business cards, logos, flyers, and PowerPoint presentations. Her designs are not just pretty but purposeful, elevating each project she touches.

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IT Security, Server

Gloria is the IT security expert at Zuri Web Works, where she diligently manages server settings, sets up robust backends, and ensures our digital infrastructure is secure and efficient. Her expertise is crucial in keeping our operations safe and seamless.